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We have pulled up stakes and are on the road again!!!! We have decided that sticks and bricks just cannot satisfy us and we are off. We love to let our whims carry us and we just had to let that happen again. We needed to start clean and decided to trade our motor home for a new fifth wheel toy hauler and spent months trying to decide which one would be most likely to work as a full time rig and be comfortable for us. We searched and found our new home in Knoxville, Tn, at Buddy Gregg's. We loaded everything up and headed there to make our deal. After several days of back and forth haggling, staying at their campsite during all this, we agreed on a deal we could live with. We feel we made out quite well. We took a couple of days to load the new rig and try to get somewhat organized and then headed to Livingston, TX to get our registrations and licenses and start our mail forwarding again. It was a very hot few days with temps in the low hundreds and us finding out our only 15000 BTU AC unit could not keep up in that heat. We made out ok though and finally finished everything up there. We are heading to NY to see family and friends for a while and decide where next when the ideas hit us. We are now in northern Ohio and have picked up a second 13500 BTU AC unit to install while we are in NY and I can get help from family. We also have a washer/dryer to install as well as some airbags for the Truck. Lots to do and also have some fun too. Can't wait to see and play with all the kids and grand kids again. How did I ever have time for a job before.

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