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I can't believe it. It is happening. I knew this was going to happen. I am getting sad about leaving. Last night, I talked with Jessica about the bird situation on their roof. I found out they not only have chickens and roosters up there, but turkeys. I saw some baby chicks, okay, so what i thought were baby chicks. She was surprised I couldn't tell. Yikes. ANyway, they have their turkeys up there for Christmas, of course. Then, i started asking her if she helped Maria, well, you know, kill the chickens and she said, no way. I guess that is Maria's thing. Finally, she pulled out her phone to show me a picture of Maria killing the thanksgiving turkey. She cut the tongue and drained it upside down. Great visual. ugghhh.. That was how that conversation ended. Today, I buzzed around Trujillo and surrounding areas in a taxi. I really feel like I am finally getting the hang of it here. It is really starting to feel normal and exciting...that must mean it is time to go. Geez. Why is life like that? Today was one of those days that really felt like I had a clue of what I was doing. I slept in. I am getting used to turning over and putting my ear plugs at 4 in the morning when the roosters call. I am soo lazy. I even grabbed a little snack of fresh bread, that they sell everywhere, to help my hungry stomach so I can sleep in past the usual wake up time of 6:45 AM. I can thank good ole mom and dad for that habit of getting up early. Anyway, I eat the bread and fall back to sleep. At around 8, I wake up in time to call mom to wish her a happy birthday. That is so awesome. Skype really is the best thing. Anyway, after talking to the whole family again, I jump in the shower and plan my route to Chan Chan. It is a ruin from the Chimu culture from around the same period as the Inca culture. Actually, there a lot of similarities from the Lord of Sipan muesum that i went to last weekend, up in Chiclayo. Unfortunetly, Chan Chan lost all the treasures and such because of theives (also why Lord of Sipan was so interesting) I thought I just needed to get a cup of coffee from my little coffee shop, so i run in, drank the cup and get the usual --sigh-- as i give the waitress my 50 soles bill. No one has change in the country. I start walking down teh road and a cab stops next to me. We start talking away...well, grasping at talking, while he tells me the charge for taking me to Chan Chan and minutes later i have it arranged that he will drive me to Chan Chan and all ruins on that route, along with the museum. I loved this idea and he seemed like a reasonable character. So off we went. At Chan Chan, he pulled up and waited for me while I went it to each location. This women came up to me and asked if Ï wanted a tour guide. Why the heck not? I really learned about what the reliefs meant, what each room was used for, and how so much damage the winds and water are doing to it. The Chimu people worshipped the moon mainly for the fisherman and for the fact that you can see the moon in the sky, even in teh daytime. Afterwards I went to some more ruins and the museum that went along with them. The taxi was there after every stop, made sure i got into the areas and everything! So cool. i even understood much of wait he was saying. Yea! On my return, I told Maria and Jessica where I went and they said, really, so fast? (smile)

After, I hurried over to a restaurant that another student of David's recommended. Why is it you learn about these things right before you are about to leave? (Same thing happened in Cusco.) The food was soooo yummy. I had fresh fish, layered with shrimp, squid, and different types of seafood with some type of gravy-ish topping! Oh my god. i thought that ceviche was my favorite. Wrong. Think again! Guess where I am going for lunch tomorrow? Last, i hung out next to the ocean to enjoy my last evening by the shore in Huanchaco. Tomorrow night, I bring my stuff to class and go straight to David's house for my dinner of Cuy. It should be interesting. He lives in Trujillo, so I will catch a cab from his house to the overnight bus back to Lima. Lima! Here I come for a couple more nights! Starbucks, I hear you calling my name! Coffee. I miss you.

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