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We arose early today and were on the road at 8:15 central time. We would have made it by 8 except Doug had to air the tires and that took a while.

We had an uneventful trip and stayed on secondary roads most of the day. Sometimes it was slow and beautiful and at other times it was quick and rural. We enjoyed the ride. We have become accustomed to pulling over at a rest stop or even along the side of the road for breaks and then JoAnn will serve sandwiches that she prepared the night before and we munch away as we drive away. Fillmore also gets a break and a bowl of water at the lunch stop.

We are all alone in a large field. We have 50 amp hookup and water. We are at the Al Sihah Shrine Park in Macon GA. It is a no frills Passport America park that costs $14. It is nothing more than a well mowed field with electrical connections around the edge. Yet there is a large meeting room and room for a great many rigs. This is an ideal place for a rally.

We have about a 4 1/2 hour ride tomorrow to Asheville NC. We will settle in at one park for the weekend and then on Monday move to a posher park. Doug has another oncologist appointment on Wed. This will be an initial appointment to get some labs and to get set up for a CT scan. We will stay in the area indefinitely where we hope we will be cool at least at night. The best case scenario will be that no further treatment is necessary at this time and we will probably head west or northeast. If Doug does have to have another series of treatments, he will exercise options as to where to have them.

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