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It has been a long time since I have had one of those “Grrrrr” days.

Today however, was the day!

It began innocently enough, with our usual morning coffee, but we drank our coffee indoors because I worked on trying to get that 8Gig SDHC chip to work in the laptop computer.

I had an e-mail from Jim Guld of “Geeks on Tour” who suggested a Microsoft web site, to download the fix for this.

I found the site and downloaded the fix, but when I tried to install the patch (fix) my computer gave me a message that I already had a newer version in my computer and did not need to install this fix. I may have a newer version but it still doesn’t work. Grrrrr…..

After three tries, I gave up and decided to just return the chip to Walmart and use smaller SD chips.

All I needed to do was to find the receipt. Oops! I didn’t take the receipt out of the sack. I thought I had put it in my wallet but was mistaken. Now it is in the dumpster, on the way to a land fill somewhere. Grrrrr…….

It was time to take a deep breath and go for a walk in the gorgeous weather. I knew I would feel better after the exercise.

I returned to the resort after a mile and a half but Marilyn continued on her walk.

I decided to activate the two rebate cards we received from AT&T when we upgraded our phones. That would give us an extra $100 to spend.

That is when the new Grrrr moments began.

As instructed, I called the 800 number on the back of the card.

The first thing the computer said: For English, press 1. Grrrr….

This is the United States of America!

Next the computer asked me to select from a menu. I pressed another 1.

The computer now asked me to put in the 16 digit number found on one of the rebate cards. They are hard to read and I ended up putting in one wrong digit. The 5 and 6 looked very much alike to this old man. Grrrrr…..

I started over and this time I actually was able to talk to a person!

Both of the $50 rebate cards are in my name, but one is for Marilyn’s phone. However, each card must be activated separately, using the last four digits of Marilyn’s phone number for one and he last four digits of my phone number for the other.

The problem was that they had the wrong number for my phone in their paperwork. Grrrrr……

I had to call another number to get that straightened out. Grrrr…..

Someone had made a mistake entering the information.

I spoke with another person who got that problem corrected and she gave me a new number to activate the card. I had no pencil to write the number down. Grrrrrr……

I tried my best to commit the new number to memory, and then had to start the validation process all over again. Grrrrr…..

I went through the entire process again, pressing 1 for English and then typing in the 16 digit number, etc, etc.

It was a true miracle but I remembered the last four digits I had been given and finally heard the welcome words “Your card is now activated”.

As I walked back to the RV, I hoped that the rest of my day would go better.

It did!

Dennis & Janet were going with us for lunch at the Gooseberry Patch restaurant.

We had a nice lunch and then drove on to Canon City to return that 8 Gig chip.

Finally, back at the RV, I sat in the shade with Marilyn and a cold beer. At last, I can feel that……….Life is Good!

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