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You could order this house from the Sears Catalog!

A dream house

brave little duck

Grampa and Dad shooting water at the boys in the shed and...

Para sailers on the lake, it was really windy that day!

had to find a headband to hold all those golden/gray locks from...

Attaching brother!

Sometimes in life, we worry about this or that, some worry about what they will wear to work in the morning, or how to make those ends that never really meet - meet. Some worry about what will happen today or tomorrow or the future. Sometimes are worries are just wonders and not really worries. God takes care of us through out doubts and unbeliefs and even our ends meeting. He cares for the birds of the air, they don't worry about what they will eat, and He cares for you too!

Yes, we worry too! But God never fails, He is never late and never early, He is always right on time. Worrying says we are trying to be bigger than God because we don't trust that He will take care of us. I know for a fact, I am not bigger than God! Sometimes I feel like the ant in the Kingdom. The ant is a hard worker, who does what the job is to work as a teammate in the kingdom. He does his job, sometimes as he does the job, he has to walk under or over another ant to get to the destination. Sometimes we have to go over or under to get to the destination in which God has given us. When we live in the Kingdom, the kingdom is ours. The work is there though to be done, we have to be responsible for our lives, we can't be sluggards in the kingdom, we have to be the ants and work.

Okay, now on onto the good stuff...

We are into our 9th week here at OKC KOA, we are learning a lot! The analogy we started using at the beginning this job is like peeling an onion. We haven't even reached the middle of the middle. Layer after layer of learning the system, just when you think you have it down, you have more to learn! And just when we think we will be staying with KOA for the winter, so does everyone else and the jobs are scarce and not posted. So, we search frantically to keep our dream alive. God said save our money and we have been. We did find a position outside of the KOA system, we will be going to Wales West in Silverhill AL. We will be ants and working like crazy, but we will be an hour from my dad on one side and our daughter on the other side. We will get to enjoy them and live rent free at the campsite in exchange for our work. We will be building 5,000 toy trains, be Santa during Dec -Steve, and see lots of kids during this time along with the snowbirds in Jan-Mar.

We have enjoyed living in OKC, we did some touristy things that helped us really see the roots of the town and how they got here. We found a beautiful movie theater in Moore OK which is about 20 miles away, not a bad drive.

We have met so many interesting people here too and those traveling to and from. The road outside of Choctaw on I40 heading east we hear is terrible! It has knocked cupboards off of the walls of the RVs, it has made dogs sick and people too. It has been so bad that people are looking for other ways to get around it! Haven't found one though.

We went to see Jessica, Fabian and the boys last week! They worked, we sat by the pool and read! We visited when they got home until the late hours of the evening. The boys slept in the trailer with us the first night and the second in their own beds in the house. It was nice.

Until next time.

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