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We've been in San Sebastian for 3 days now with plans to leave tomorrow for the Rioja wine region. We're having a great time here, back at the beach where the water is warmer than the Med. For a beach town Stef and I both prefer Sitges, but there is a certain elegance and grace to this town that is different. It's like comparing La Jolla to Encinitas. Also, the water is warmer here which was a surprise to me - I had assumed that the Med would be warmer than the Atlantic.

Mostly we're spending our days at the beach and evenings wandering around, grabbing a bite to eat, and letting the girls play at the parks. Abby continues to have tummy problems (Stef can verify that the bathrooms in Spain are much cleaner than anywhere, including the US - she's been in most of them with Abby). She's on the antibiotics that Stef brought along just in case, so we hope things to settle soon.

Yesterday the entire city/state decided to strike, no doubt for some of the new restrictions that the EU is putting on countries like Spain, Greece, and Portugal. Fiscal responsibility and retirement at 62 are not going over well here or in France, and this is no less than the *third* complete strike we've had in as many weeks in Europe. They are benign events other than shutting down all transportation, shopping, and eating establishments. Thankfully there were a few rogue bars open last night or we would have literally gone without dinner.

No Internet connection at our apartment here, which is why all of these posts are coming at once. I'm sitting at the local McDonalds which offers free WiFi. We'll write again from the Rioja region or our next Golden Arches.

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