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We awoke with the blankets pulled up around our chins again. That’s what we get for sleeping with the windows open.

The temperature outdoors was 54 degrees this morning, and it was 65 inside.

Marilyn had the coffee ready to go, before we went to bed last night, so all I had to do when we got up was push the button to start that “Jet taking off” sound of the beans grinding.

I started a campfire and went back inside to grab a cup of coffee. Marilyn had the tray ready to bring outdoors, loaded down with the coffee carafe, cups, creamer, sugar, etc.

We sat beside the campfire watching as other people prepared their rigs to leave.

Several of our neighbors left this morning, headed to parts unknown.

Marilyn & I enjoyed the peace and quiet until our fire burned down and then it was time for us to head into town.

We had to return two computer chips I purchased yesterday, and pick up a few things we needed, at Walmart.

Once we left Walmart we drove to the Strip Mall, shopping center, just 16 miles from the resort, where the top priority for me was to get a haircut.

Looking well groomed once again, we wandered over to the “China Wok” for some good Chinese food for lunch.

A quick stop at the Safeway grocery finished up our shopping and we drove back to the resort.

After putting things away, Marilyn went outdoors to sit in her lounge chair and read her book.

I played some golf on the Wii, and then decided to get a few chores done.

I dumped the holding tanks, and then went inside to take a shower.

Now all squeaky clean and dressed in fresh clothing, I am sitting here with some low salt chips and an icy cold beer.

As you can tell, this journal entry probably sounds familiar. It is almost as if you have read it before.

That is because nothing new is happening for us.

We are still enjoying wonderful weather, along with this simplified, peaceful lifestyle.

Perhaps tomorrow will bring something more interesting to write about.

The real question for those of you who might wonder about the RV lifestyle is whether or not we get bored.

I can answer that easily. NO!

We are relaxed and enjoying our life. It is easy for us to reflect on our life and agree that…………Life is Good!

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