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I had so much fun talking to my family yesterday! It was so good to see everyone and hear some English. 10 points for Skype. On my way to David's language class, I was thinking how nice it was to not think about how to say what you want to say during a conversation. I guess I was feeling a bit homesick. When I got into class, we were talking about some things that go wrong when you are traveling, how sometimes you have to be careful and not be hard on yourself,etc... He asked me how I was doing and I hesitated. I didn't want to complain. He started guessing. Are you sick? no, Are you tired? a bit, Are you hungry, no. Are you homesick. Yes, I am homesick. We talked for a long while about different things and even how he is about to take his first big vacation to Canada in a month, for a month. He was also a bit worried about leaving his home because he thought he would miss it. We talked about how when you travel it is important to learn or understand that culture and the way that people think. Anyway, by the end of it he told me he was having some people over because he was cooking the Peruvian delicacy. Cuy. (If Lanie and Cole are listen, you may need to stop here.) Cuy is guinea pig. I haven't had it yet, but I thought, sure. Why not. I wouldn't have gone to search it out. I have grown quite fond of Stephanie's little guinea pig, but this sounded like an interesting meal. Since I have been here, I have eaten a lot of fish, alpaca, lots of treats, pizza, noodles, so why not add a little guinea pig. One thing that I know here that is the same in Thailand is how some people really just throw trash out on the streets, etc... Every morning I see these street sweepers cleaning up the streets. They are sweeping the streets and even raking the sand. This really bothers me. In the bus, the lady I was sitting next to took my trash, opened the window and threw it onto the street. I looked out the window and saw soo much trash piled up over the country side. When i was sitting in the front, top of the bus, I also saw the people in front of me just throwing trash out of their windows. I have to say that I was really shocked. I knew that it happened but it just drives me nuts in the states to see people doing that. I am not sure how to handle those situations here, though. Aghhh....... People, throw your shit into the garbage. On a completely different note, I read about these families that live next to the dumps and sort though it to gather up food and such. There is a volunteer agency that works with them to help educate the children to help them realize they have other options if they go to school. They talk about how that is a really difficult volunteering post. I would think so. The weather is so strange here. Today it is about 60 degrees or so. I think. Anyway, the people all complain that it is soo cold. I laugh at the thought of that. Brrrr..... I think sometimes it feels colder because it is by the ocean and gets those breezes, but really it is not that cold. Yesterday, I think it must have gotten into the 80's. Anyway, I have a couple more full days of Spanish. These boys want me to become completely fluent by Friday. They keep telling me to practice, practice, study, study, study. I don't know how to tell them that I am doing the best I can, so I just keep going and keep trying. Oh my. At least I know how to say "provecho" come Wednesday night. I will surely be saying that as I bite into my cuy. Bon appetite!

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