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Thanks to that wonderful rain we had yesterday, Marilyn & I were able to sit by the campfire this morning.

We sipped our coffee and talked about our friends and relatives in different parts of the country.

They are such wonderful people and we enjoy so much, the time we get to spend with them.

Of course, very few of our relatives read this blog so they won’t know that I said anything nice about them. LOL

One relative who does read this journal is my sister, Pat, who lives in Frederick, MD.

Thanks to one of her comments, my Air Force room-mate wrote to get in touch, and remembered “Patty”.

It was so nice to hear from an old Air Force buddy.

Ray and I were room-mates at Forbes AFB just south of Topeka, KS, back when that was a SAC base.

We lost touch with each other after a few years of civilian life, but did see each other in Kansas City once, when I flew the company jet into the downtown airport and had a few hours to spend there.

Ray drove to the airport and we sat in the plane and talked about the changes in our lives.

After that, several years passed and we lost touch with each other.

Each of us had tried to find the other and, since both of us had moved, he managed to locate me first.

We plan to get together after our return to Missouri. It will be a pleasure to see Ray & June again, after all these years.

Marilyn & I walked this morning. I did the mile and a half while she walked three miles.

We have another lazy day planned for today and then tomorrow is different.

I need a haircut rather badly. I either have to get it cut tomorrow or get a dog license, one or the other.

We’ll probably have lunch at the Chinese restaurant before we return to the resort.

I have to mention the hummingbirds here. They are thick and not afraid of humans at all. I filled up one of the feeders we have on the window this morning. As soon as I started to put it back on the window, the hummingbirds began to swarm around, landing on it before I finished hanging it up.

I did take a few pictures of the site this morning. The campfire and the peace and quiet of the morning makes this so wonderful.

Early in the afternoon, Janet dropped by to see if we could drive them into Pueblo to pick up a battery for their motorcycle.

Soon the four of us were headed down the highway, and it wasn’t long before we arrived at the Walmart in Pueblo West.

Our friend, Jesse, used to work here and we thought of Jesse & Ginger.

Both of us couples shopped for groceries while we were there and were back at the resort by 3:00 PM.

After putting groceries away, we relaxed and took life easy.

We are having spaghetti with garlic bread and some wine for dinner tonight.

Life is Good!

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