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As I sit here in the RV, writing this journal entry, the sky outside is quite dark and we can hear thunder rumbling in the distance.

It would be good to get some rain because it has been so dry here.

When we rolled out of bed at 6:30 this morning, the sky was absolutely clear and the temperature was 57 degrees.

We wore our sweatshirts to keep us cozy while we sat outdoors sipping our morning coffee.

It seems that I write that same thing every day. That is because that is what we do nearly every day.

Our lives are pretty routine. LOL

We walked a bit over three miles this morning, admiring God’s handiwork. The tall pine trees, snow capped mountains far off in the distance, clear blue sky, and no sounds except the birds singing, made it a perfect morning for a nice walk.

We called Jennifer and spoke to her for a few minutes. She and Colby were making cup cakes. Of course Colby wanted to know if we had seen any deer. When I replied that we see deer often, he wanted to know if he could come see us. We said that he should get his Mommy and Daddy to bring him to us. Let’s put the guilt trip on them for awhile. LOL

Lots of RV’s rolled out of the campground today. Not many have arrived yet, but this place doesn’t have many vacancies for very long.

Marilyn fixed grilled cheddar sandwiches and served them with some tomato bisque soup for our lunch today.

We will have the rest of the ceviche for dinner tonight. That stuff is so good! I told her she can fix that anytime.

Marilyn stayed engrossed in her book this afternoon while I hunted around finding a couple of parts I wanted to piece together a hose to rinse the black water tank.

I put the hose together with a pressure regulator and a quick connect, so that it will be really easy to rinse the waste tank after dumping.

Our sky is really dark as I write this. So far we have had only sprinkles of rain, but it looked this way once last year and we got some hail out of that storm. Jim & Linda’s awning took some hits which put tiny holes in it from that one.

We continue to sit here with the windows open and an exhaust fan running to pull in that refreshing air. It is very comfortable so far.

Later………. It did rain and continues to sprinkle light rain. The sound of thunder in the distance remains constant.

The outdoor temperature fell to 64 degrees once the rain stopped.

I did finally have to close the window beside my chair, as the breeze blew the rain in through the screen and was getting me wet.

The steady light rain we now have, is sorely needed in this part of the country.

Marilyn & I were talking about the awesome weather we have had so far and Marilyn commented that she hopes we have the great weather when our friends arrive, just two weeks from today.

We are anxious to see Dennis & Sonja drive in.

So Dear Readers, with that, I think I’ll just wrap this up for today.

It has been another wonderful day here in the mountains.

Just a reminder that……..Life is Good!

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