Summer 2010 - South America travel blog

This town is great! It grows on me more every minute. I just bought my bread and butter to make toasted bread! Yummy. For some reason that tastes so good to me. I came back with bread, butter, orange juice and M & Ms and guess what? Maria had lunch for me too. They looked for me at lunch time but I was out socializing and buying lunch. I didn't want for them to think they had to worry about me, but I tried to tell them. I hope I didn't say the wrong thing. Google translate comes in easy. I had the lunch they prepared and it was so good so now I hope they don't stop including me.

I think I might eat my M & Ms and take a siesta. It is so beautiful outside today too. Did I mention that? Imagine this place in the summer? HMMMMmm..... A second home by the beach????

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