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Cloudy morning sky

I have written about how dry it is here in this part of Colorado.

We sit around the fire pit without a fire because of the fire ban. With that in mind, I have tried to do my part to make it rain.

We have left the lawn furniture out at night and while we were gone into town, but that didn’t work.

I even washed the truck and had it looking like new. That worked to some degree, as it rained yesterday. It was brief but rained a nice little shower while we were in the grocery store. It was just enough to make the truck all dirty as we drove back to the resort, with water spray from other traffic and our own wheels, making things messy.

One more thing happened to demonstrate how “Murphy’s Law” works.

I mentioned yesterday that things break, etc. Well, after writing that journal entry, we were unable to get on the internet to post the journal entry.

All day yesterday and last night, we had no internet service.

I was up early this morning and checked to see if things were back to normal. No Go!

So, after relaxing with coffee at the fire pit, (Still no campfire) I took my laptop to the office to connect directly. Still no luck!

Later, I saw the computer tech and spoke with him. He did some work on the resort’s internet system and finally I was able to get on line and post the journal entry for yesterday.

One more little thing happened today. When I tried to shave, the battery in my shaver was totally dead. It is now plugged in to charge the battery and I will be “sans whiskers” before long.

I feel like a dirt ball when I don’t shave.

Our Ceviche was so good yesterday that Marilyn decided to make some when we got back home.

We made a stop at the grocery store on the way back to the resort.

Her first attempt at making this dish was quite good, and it tasted delicious.

We ate some of it for lunch today and have more left for later.

We wish our friends, Jim & Linda were here to help us consume this good stuff.

Marilyn sat outdoors with her book while I played golf on the Wii.

I then went inside to watch John Wayne’s “Alamo”. That was kind of neat since we have been to the ranch where he built the recreation of the Alamo mission and the town of San Antonio. This was called Alamo Village and sits about 7 miles north of Brackettville, Texas.

Alamo Village has recently been closed but was an active movie set for a long time.

Because of the problems with the internet I did not post pictures with the blog yesterday.

I have a few pictures to post from yesterday and I will post those for you along with this journal entry.

We hope that all of you have had a wonderful day today.

Remember…………Life is Good!

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