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Our good friend, Jesse, used to say that “We just can’t get a break! It’s the same thing, day after day.”

Of course he was joking about the wonderful weather we were having in the Rio Grande Valley that winter.

Every day was the same, with temperatures in the 70’s, bright sunshine, and a nice breeze. It was awesome!

That is pretty much the way we feel about being here in Colorado.

Every day is the same!

We awake to cool temperatures, normally in the mid 50’s, with clear skies and a gentle breeze. The bright sunshine soon warms things and we have to swap the sweat-suits for a T-shirt and shorts.

In the late afternoon we turn on the A/C to keep things cool, and then turn it off around 6:00 and open the windows for the evening, and a night of great sleep. In fact we sleep with blankets covering us.

What a life!

Marilyn & I sat beside the fire pit this morning, sipping coffee and talking about how relaxed and comfortable our life is right now.

It isn’t always this way, but we are sure enjoying it while we can.

The full-time RV lifestyle certainly steers in the direction of an easy, relaxed, more simple lifestyle.

We could never have imagined how wonderful this life would be when we were still in the working world, before retirement.

Please don’t misunderstand, because there is some stress in this lifestyle and things do not always run smoothly. Weather is sometimes nasty and things break, needing to be fixed.

Family issues do not disappear simply because we are living in an RV.

Medical issues are a real concern, and associated with that, are the normal aging concerns.

Cash flow issues remain important, and there are many things happening, day to day, that we have no control over.

While your life certainly changes once you begin living the RV life, is isn’t a totally “stress free” life. Stress is much less but it doesn’t disappear.

At this point in our life, we are even more certain that we made the right decision for us. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone.

Our daughter, Jennifer, asked us how long we intend to continue doing this, meaning travel and live in an RV.

We answered that we intend to do this as long as we can.

One can never know in advance, what will happen to change things in your life, and we realize that the reality of aging and life in general, may have a major impact on our lifestyle.

I refer back to that comment about “things we cannot control”.

However, for now, we are as happy as we have ever been in our life, and we love the life we are living.

We had the pleasure of sharing lunch with our good friends, Richard & Diana, today. We met them at Jorge’s for some good ceviche and great conversation. It was so nice to get caught up with these fine folks. We have had a good day today!

In the mornings, as we sit beside a campfire in the cool early morning, sipping a cup of coffee, listening to the birds singing, feeling the warmth of the sunshine, with the sweet scent of pine trees in the air, we realize that God has blessed us in so many ways. We are thankful for these special blessings.

Life is Good!

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