Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore Summer 2010 travel blog

Hill Air Force Base

Ogden Utah

Monday we arrived at Hill AFB just after 1pm and set up camp. It sounds like a lot of work but it really is not. However, it does take a little time to hook up the water, power and move the slides out. As I am doing the set up on the outside Debi is busy working getting things unpacked inside. Most of all having to follow Heidi around making sure she has found all the bones she has hidden in the bedroom and behind chairs in the front room area. Then lastly if we do not have cable the sat dish needs to go up. Dinner was easy as we were both tired.

Tuesday morning 5am it sounded like we were at war. Eight F16 jet fighters took off at full power and afterburners a glow. I must say it was enough noise to raise the dead but it is the sound of freedom some say. We are not that far from the runways and in most cases it does not disturb us but at 5am. All we can think is they were heading out to a deployment someplace in the world. Later I got the clubs out and went to the golf course. What a beautiful day the sun was out and just a light wind. I must say I had fun but like always the bad shots and not enough good shots took its toll on the score card. When I returned Debi took the truck to the base library to get an internet connection. This is a real pain have to drive over there and most times get a slow connection. But it is enough to check banks sites and email.

Wednesday, Debi looked up one of the places featured on the Food network show Diners, Drive ins, and Dives. We had a burger and onion rings at the Burger Bar in Roy just a few minutes from the base. After lunch we went to a local antique store where Debi always finds a treasure or two. Returning back to the trailer to play with Heidi and just take it easy.

I have posted more pictures on the web.

Will send more once we get to Idaho Falls. We will be there Friday afternoon.

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