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Over coffee this morning, I suggested that we head out for an adventure.

Jim & Ellie had asked us if we had seen “Bishop’s Castle” and we told them we had not. Next, Dennis & Janet told us of a nice day- trip they had taken on the motorcycle. They also had visited Bishop’s Castle and described the mountain scenery as spectacular.

Our friends, Bob & Lynda gave us another viewpoint of the character who owns and continues construction on the “Castle”.

So, today was the day for us to head out in that direction.

We did not take a map and simply set out for an adventure.

We stopped at the “Gooseberry Patch” restaurant for lunch and ate from the buffet, including wonderful roast beef, potatoes & gravy, corn, green beans, pickled beets, salad, rhubarb (just like a rhubarb pie without the crust), shrimp, fried chicken, and many other dishes we did not taste.

We left there stuffed but looking forward to the drive.

We enjoyed the wonderful scenery as we drove through the mountains, and we finally stumbled on the Castle.

It is worth the trip, but for a couple who love their country, the weird dude standing there shouting about how everything from Pearl Harbor, to the oil spill in the Gulf is nothing but a Government conspiracy, totally turns us off.

We have no tolerance for fanatics!

We did not leave a donation, either.

I’ll leave it at that.

We stopped on the way back, to fill the truck with diesel fuel. The pump shut off automatically at $75.00, so the truck wasn’t quite topped off. I could have started it over but chose not to do that.

I did decide to use the truck/car wash and washed the truck. It isn’t perfect but it sure does look a lot nicer now. It is dusty here at the resort so things don’t stay clean very long.

Back at the RV, we took a cold drink to the lounge chairs outside, and enjoyed the peace and quiet of the campground.

The temperature today reached 85 at the resort, and even with the 20% humidity, it felt uncomfortably warm.

While we were in the mountains we saw the temperature as low as 64 degrees.

We have had a very nice day and have some pictures to post for you, so I’ll get started on that.

Life is Good!

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