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Vicky on the Robert Frost InterpretativeTrail

Our condo

Mama Bear grabs FRD

Judy rescuing FRD

Today was an adventure! We set off to see the Robert Frost Interpretative Trail and the cabin in the woods where he spent summers and wrote a great deal of his poetry. The trail was closed except for a rather small portion. It was neat with Frost poems along the way. Because a great deal of road construction was going on, we could not get to the cabin. The day was not lost because went on to other small towns and loved our day. Actually the day was calm and easy until a mother bear and two cubs ran across the road in front of us. FRD thought the cubs were so cute he wanted to hold one of them. Judy tried to scream for him to stop,but he kept running trying to catch a cub when the mother bear grabbed him. SO frightening! In a defining moment, Judy jumped out of the car and ran to the bear to save FRD. The bear roared but Judy wouldn't be daunted. She looked her in the eyes and screamed, "Drop our FRD!" The bear so befuddled that anyone would have the gall to try to stare her down, she dropped FRD and ran into the woods. Judy grabbed FRD and ran back to the car. FRD was very docile and begged to get back into the glove compartment. Go figure!(A black bear and her cubs did run across the road in front of us on our way back from the Frost Interpretative Trail!)

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