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It is nice to wake up in the morning with the covers pulled up around our chins. The open windows and cool temperatures make it very comfortable sleeping at night.

It does get warm here in the daytime, but the humidity is extremely low, so it doesn’t feel too hot.

In fact, it is very dry out here and they have had several wildfires in the area. One is not far away, being near the Royal Gorge, just west of Canon City. For that reason there is a ban on campfires at this time.

Because we agree with the precautions taken, we won’t sit beside a campfire again until the ban is lifted.

We stayed inside this morning, sipping our coffee and watching the news on TV.

Once the coffee was gone, I got busy doing some chores outdoors.

I used some long, metal tent stakes to secure our patio carpet, so the wind won’t blow it around.

We set up the lawn furniture and I cleaned the storage compartment doors on the inside. Some of those were quite dirty, but now look much nicer.

Marilyn & I took off for a walk. I stuck with the mile and a half but Marilyn walked an extra mile.

Both of us are doing fine with our health program and we have lost 6 pounds each. We are happy with that progress.

We called Jennifer from the office phone and talked to her for awhile. Colby got on the phone and told me that the bottom of his car was broken. He then asked me: “Papa, you come fix it?”

Darn, that kid is working on me! We miss him so much and I wanted to jump in the truck and go right back to Missouri, so that I could fix things for him.

It is good to talk to him on the phone though.

In the afternoon, I put a couple of thick steaks on the grill for a late lunch/early dinner.

Marilyn fixed veggies to go with the steaks and we ate while watching the movie “RV”. We had seen that movie several times but it was worth watching again.

It was about 5:30 when we finally turned the A/C on. It will keep us cool until after dark, when it turns off cool outside.

We will watch a little TV this evening and look forward to another good night of sleep.

We do love this weather!

We have only to walk outside in the early morning to realize how true it is that……….Life is Good!

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