Summer 2010 - South America travel blog

I slept for over 12 hours last night. I was well prepared for this trip. I had my ear plugs in and my socks from Cusco for my feet. I even bought a pair of organic eye shades for my eyes. No problem that the roosters started crowing so early in the morning. I was not even aware until I took them off. When I removed my ear plugs I realized how completely loud it actually was. Yea. Two points for sleep. It made so much of a difference in my attitude towards today. ;) Last night I bought a deck of cards and was planning to chill out in my room. I hung out at the beach for awhile and went into the house. Jessica was there hemming some paints so I decided to talk to her awhile. She spoke just a little more English than I did Spanish, but I pulled out my little word book and we made a go of it! We talked about where I was from, when she worked (I couldn't figure out what she did, except for the side work of hemming clothes), where she has traveled around Peru. We also talked about a big festival that is going on for the next two weeks. She pulled out the schedule and we went through it so I could write down my plans on my calendar. I think I have some great dances, singing and food activities planned. The big day is next Tuesday. After awhile , I went into the room, played some cards and was out! That happens a lot when you are traveling. This morning, I went out and talked to Maria. She and I speak very little of each other's language, so that was even more interesting. We figured out when she was going to teach me to cook and take me to the market. Those two are sooo nice and encouraging. It is giving me the little bit of a push to relax and take it all in. I know it will be over too soon. Anyway, I didn't request a chicken meal. Sorry, I asked Jessica what was the most yummy besides ceviche and she said another fish meal, so that is what we are preparing. No chicken deaths on my watch. Whew. I also think I am going to try to take a bus to another town this weekend. I want to see some stuff while I am in this part of Peru. Should be interesting!

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