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Northern South Dakota

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White Wildflower

Orange Wildfower

Western Kingbird

Taking Off

I have said it before. I really like the Black Hills. They are beautiful and there is so much to see and do. With that said, it is time to move on. We head west to Sturgis on the Interstate. From Sturgis we get off the Interstate and head north.

There are no cities around. There is still a lot of open space in this country! Around lunchtime, we see the small town of Faith on our GPS. It is about four miles off track. We go exploring and find a café.

As we finish eating, the chef comes out and asks where John catches bluefish. John has a tournament shirt on. The chef lived for twenty-four years in Florida but grew up the Upper Darby, PA. We talk and laugh. He used to hang out in Margate, as we did in our younger years. As we leave, he calls out to us, “Say hello to Lucy the Elephant for me.” It is a small world.

We head up the road and see a car pulled over. A woman is waving a red flag out the window. Does she need help? We pull up slowly and roll down the window. She says, “You might want to wait a few minutes.” We look up ahead and see a herd of cattle crossing the road. We will not only wait but I am taking pictures. “I’ve never seen this in NJ!” I leave her laughing.

We reach a small ten-site campground, which is fine for overnight. It is Father’s Day weekend and the larger campground in this area is booked. I called for a reservation. The woman on the phone asked me which site we wanted. I have no idea. All I know is that the campground was in “Lemon”. She laughs. I probably do not pronounce it right.

Tomorrow we continue north.

Route: I90, SD 212, 73

Campground: Llewellyn Johns Recreation Area

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