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Wake up time

Wake up time

We see greenhouses like this for miles - sometimes for an hour...

Cirali Beach

Walking through the ruins



Beach security

On of the 8 or 9 eternal flames

Wake up in the morning to find the water still as still – and a heavy dew so our clothes left beside our matress are soaking. An early breakfast and then we are on our way back to shore – the end of our boat trip. We really haven’t travelled very far at all – just hopping in and out of coves close to the home berth.

In another bus and we drive to Cirali. Just a couple of roads – the main one running parallel to the beach. Lots of pensions and cafes – a real little beach haven with kids, bikes etc everywhere.

We walk 2 klms to have lunch then walk another klm to the beach surrounded by mountains – very stoney. We explore the old city of Olympos – very overgrown which is nice – looks quite magical and we are out of the sun – takes about 1 ½ hours to meander around.

A couple of police? Beach security men? on horses.

We walk back and arrive at our hotel about 6.30 pm after stopping off at the café just in time to see Harry Kewal get sent off.

At 8pm we head off for Chimeira – where flames burn from within the rocks. A 2 km walk to the admittance gate (you pay for everything here including the loo) and then a 1 km climb up, mostly rock stairs – the sweat just poring off us, very little breeze. We arrive in the dark to get the best affect. These are called eternal flames although they do go out sometimes and have to be relit. Apparently it is gas burning – only about 2 feet in the air – Osman said that when the last major earthquake hit Istanbul these flames leapt 5 metres in the air.

We descend carefully with the use of minature torches (made in China) – by the time we reach our Pension the backs of my legs are burning – I think from too much exercise – but a quick check reveals that the back of my calves are red and bumpy so I must have come in contact with something.

Into bed after another very full day

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