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The Funky Donkey Hostel has the most hilarious place yet. It is run by a once employee of the Booze and Snooze, Vinko, who can probably can be best described as lawyer by day and hostel owner/alcoholic/life of the party by night. We enjoyed three amazing days in Brac where we got to finally got some serious work done on our tans and enjoy the world pass by.

Each day consisted of much of the same. Sleep in, put on the bathers and head down to the main port to grab fruit from the fruit market. You could grab 2 apples and 2 oranges for 4 Kunas which is less than $1 Canadian and would last us until the late afternoon. We would eventually need a little break from the sun and head to the market.

To add to our healthy European diet we tried a Croatian specialty –a burek. A Burek is a huge pastry either made in pie form or a massive Danish type food that is stuffed with either meat or cheese. Lois and Erin tried them day 2 and I joined them day 3. I feel like a suffered a small heart attack after eating it but so delicious!

One thing we did notice about Croatia, along with much of Europe, is that we are slowly becoming more and more allergic to second hand smoke. Chain smoking here is taken to a whole new level.... the staff must each go through a pack or two a day each. Almost impressive- but definitely not in tune with the health degree I have been working on the last few years. When people ask for a smoke or a lighter and we tell them “No sorry”, they then look at us very perplexed.

You must have something” they persist.

“No sorry, none of us smoke,” we reply.

What? But you’re in Croatia (or Germany or Budapest or Prague or Europe)” is the usually response we get.

Apparently staying a non-smoker here is quite the feat! Nevertheless we smell like smokers most of the time as everyone is always smoking around you and seem to all have developed coughs – as one can imagine we are slowly becoming the most attractive Canadians in Europe.

Our last day was the hottest day. We, as usual, spent most of the day on the beach before retiring to the hostel. We went out for dinner to have our last dinner as the four of us. Our supper concluded with fireworks. They may have been for the wedding that had passed by but we like to think it is for us and a grand finale to our adventures together!

We danced the evening away with the rest of the funky donkey hostel at Benny’s beach side bar. We couldn’t have asked for a better time!

The next afternoon, after a morning on the beach, we set sail back to Split to catch our ferry to Ancona, Italy where we would part ways – Sam and Erin to Venice and Lo and I to Florence.

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