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I can't believe how fast the time is going. This time, last week, we were already on day 2 of driving. It's really quite sad that a month is going to fly by and we won't know where it went. So much will be done in so little time. I just hope that at some point, we can stop long enough to savor the moment of what is happening.

Yesterday was a great day! I hung out with Chris, Nicole, Jesse and Mom. We did a bunch of shopping during the day and found a cute little outfit for Jesse to wear to the wedding. Rhonda hung out with Rosie and from the sounds of it, they did all sorts of stuff like visiting the new Hound Junkie store that Rhonda's cousin opened, went to a car show where they met up with our good friend Dean, went for lunch and most importantly, they just got to spend time together, which is great. It's hard living so far away from our best friends and not being able to easily catch up on life stuff. So the day was great for both Rhonda & I. In the evening, we were all back at Chris & Nicole's, had supper and spent some time in the new hottub.

Today we are going back to Chris & Nicole's, but this time, we'll have to bring the camper with us since check out is at noon. My Dad is supposed to be coming to Chris' for a visit, which is great because it's Father's Day. He never did end up visiting with us yesterday but we understand because he works nights and had an extrememly busy work night. The weather seems to be nice, so that's an added bonus for the day. And later in the day, we'll make our way back out to Lone Rock, where we'll be staying until we head to Saskatoon on Wednesday.

There are still a couple of things to do before the wedding. One is that we have to make 50 cupcakes and the other is to get the programs printed for the ceremony. We also have some work to do on the camper to ensure that if it rains over the next week and a half, we won't get water in our camper. So it'll be nice to stay put for a couple of days to ensure that things get done. I'm sure that there are a list of people who would really like to see us, but sadly we don't have time to fit everyone in, especially without running ourselves ragged. We are going to have to pace ourselves a little better this week. I really don't want us to be super tired, or sick, for the wedding.

Well, off to start the day. Happy Father's Day everyone!!!! ~Crystal

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