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These trees are a type of Aloe Vera plant! Several thousand years...



tree hugger



Now this is camping...

"God's Playground". This natural phonomenon was hard to comprehend. There were these...

...and these boulders were seen for hundreds of kilometers...

God's Playground

God's Playground

Mark and Steve, two Ozzie's we hung out with...travelling for 9 months...

First glimpse of Fish River Canyon, Namibia

Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon


red cactus





Weaver bird nest






blowing sand







elephants at night







Wild Dog



After hours of waiting for the elephants at the watering hole, we...










Giraffe, from afar






At the watering hole...




Here kitty kitty...

Do you think that zoom's big enough????

How many lions...

flowering cactus

sun rising




the stripes at play

Acacia tree, night scene at a watering hole...

On the road again...

June 11, 2010

Namibia is a land of sun and desert. It has a desolate beauty that is moving in ways I wouldn't expect. There is so much sand, and rock, and grass that blows in the wind and shines in the sun.


Our morning runs have become some of the best moments of each day. The first time in Namibia, we were running from our campsite outside of Fish River Canyon (which happens to be the second largest canyon in the world, second to the Grand Canyon).

As we ran, several herds of springbox and orynx gazelle ran ahead of us. But the biggest interruption was when we were passed by herd of zebras! 7 zebras with a young one in tow. So amazing!!!!


We're driving a rollercoaster road through the desert and dunes. Bob Marley blasting, a plume of white dust billowing behind us in the evening sun. Rarely do we pass another car, or see another person between towns. I love this place.


We have a roof-top tent on our 4x4 truck, with all the gear we need for camping comforts in the back. Shaun thinks he's in heaven, driving this truck and 4x4 off-roading at every opportunity. It makes me laugh...but I have a feeling there will be a truck in our future! Camping and driving around the country, seeing the sights...


Etosha was incredible. We have been getting up before the sun, and were the first to enter the Wildlife Reserve. Within minutes, we saw something on the road ahead of us...

two large male lions were trotting toward us on the road, and passed within a couple meters of our truck...not bothered by us at all! AMAZING.

We also came across a watering hole where there were DOZENS of elephans - large bulls, small babies, and mid-size elephants. The kids were play-fighting with each other, and spraying water. Some teen elephants were kissing, and the papa elephants getting in a huff at the neighbouring birds that were also trying to share the waterhole. It was incredible to see some of their personalities, and also gave us a new respect for these gentle yet powerful giants.

There was soooo much elephant scat on the road, it was hilarious as we couldn't avoid driving over it...and Shaun took great delight in bee-lining stright for these huge mounds of shit...I was somewhere between amused and disgusted...

Fortunately we didn't get a flat tire!!!!

June 20, 2010

Fathers Day.

Yep, we're thinking of those two men who have been such great fathers to us. We are in Windhoek, leaving for Lusaka Zambia tomorrow. We are a little nervous but mostly just excited now. We will be meeting Samson in the next few days, and making the journey with him to Lundazi, where we will be for the next three months.

To be continued...

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