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The underwater shots were taking by our divemaster, first up a Manta...

....white tip reef shark....

....a sweetlips of some sort (I think)....

....finally a Hawksbill Turtle.

Baby Komodo Dragon hiding up a tree, doing its best to avoid...

Dragons resting under the canteen on Rinca.

A walk on Rinca.

Fruitbats fly over our boat on the hunt for their dinner.

You're never to far from a hawker in Indonesia.

This is on Komodo, a mound used for egg laying.

Looking up from the riverbed on Komodo towards the old viewing platform...


Spot the young female dragon. We came across her whilst on our...

Other wildlife manage to survive on Komodo sich as this deer.

A dragon taking a slow walk at the end our of our...

Life aboard.

Early morning in Labuhanbajo.

I do everything I can to avoid overnight bus trips - I just hate them because I never get any sleep and I'm always too big for the seats but there was no way of avoiding the 24 hour bus/ferry trip from Mataram (worst bus station on this trip - annoyingly aggressive touts!) across the island of Sumbawa to the town of Lubuhanbajo in Flores. I used this town as a base to see the dragons on the nearby islands of Rinca and Komodo and to do some diving of which I had heard many good reports.

I was fortunate and met a Dutch and Spanish guys who were in the process of booking a 3 day boat trip to see the dragons, in the event there were 5 of us in all and we all got on very well; fortune smiled on us and we saw dragons (actually the worlds largest lizard growing up to 3m in length) whilst trekking on both islands including a rarely seen baby dragon, and the snorkelling had its moments as well.

I followed up with a day's diving - outstanding. First up was a trip to Manta Point where after an hour's diving and no Manta's in site we surfaced and were about to move on when mantas were spotted near the boat so in I went and found myself up close and personal with 5 feeding manta's - amazing. Next up we went to Castle Rock and fought some strong currents, held onto some rock and saw more reef sharks in one dive than I have ever seen in my life (easily 50+) as well as black trevallies, groupers and sweetlips of various sorts -I really must brush up on my fish identification. Our final dive site was Crystal Rock where the currents were the strongest I've ever had to deal with and the fish were few, corals were worth a look though.

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