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We had another long day today, driving a little over 500 miles. We drove through the rest of New York, a small tip of Pennsylvania, all of Ohio, and through some of Indiana. We are now enjoying the evening in our kamping kabin at a KOA. It is adequate with a set of bunk beds, a full-size bed, an air conditioner, a ceiling fan, and a few electrical outlets. It has a porch on the front of the kabin with a swing on it.

Highlights of the day:

Seeing all the grape vines along New York and Pennsylvania's I-90

Seeing all the farm country along the way today; these were crop farms - not a lot of livestock

Seeing the Amish buggies driving along the road in Middlebury, Indiana

Dinner tonight at Das Essenhaus, Middlebury, IN

Hope's highlight was playing on the playground at the KOA and petting the animals in the petting area

Taking a buggy ride in Amish country with my mom and Hopie

Wildlife sightings:

wild rabbit at the KOA

2 goats and a bossy cow at the KOA petting farm area

1 deer on Ohio/Pennsylvania border

farm animals and horses in Indiana's Amish Country


Having to drive through Cleveland (not fun!)

Getting off the highway to get gas that was only .2 miles off the highway and then having to travel 10 miles to get back on the highway due to road detours

Sayings for today:

Mom: "Staying up a lot makes me tired" (well, duh! Can you tell we're running on lack of sleep right now?)

Hope to her Daddy "Daddy, do you miss me?" (when talking to Chris on the phone - kinda sweet and heartbreaking at the same time!)

Hope was talking a lot in the car, and Mom and I had had enough by the time we had driven into Ohio. We told her "let's play the quiet game and see who can be quiet the longest. I bet you won't win." So, a toll plaza starts coming up, and Mom and I are trying to figure out if EZ Pass was still being accepted. Pretty soon, Hope pipes up and says, "You and Mee Mee lose, I win!" It was quite funny, because we didn't realize she and we were still playing! :)

Have a great night!~ We're Wisconsin-bound tomorrow! Challenge for tomorrow - outskirting Chicago.......

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