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Mancora (3 - 6 June)

Ahhh, back to beach life. The last beach we saw was almost two months ago in Brazil so to finally make our way back to the coast to enjoy some sunshine and downtime was a welcome reward.

Mancora isn't by any means a short trip from Cusco so we checked the bank balances and splurged on a flight to cover half the distance. The flight arrived in Lima and the remaining distance was covered by a bus that was another enjoyable 20 hours.

Mancora is a extremely rugged town comprised of one main road with a few beach bars and some local restaurants. Every new town can be a bit daunting when you first arrive because you never quite know what you are getting yourself into, however, when we finally got to our hostal we could quickly tell that we had made the right decision to come to Mancora. When we arrived at reception we were quickly alerted to the fact that there were more of 'us' around. By 'us' they meant more South Africans and we quickly spotted our fellow countrymen/woman Mark, Jacques and Brizi - all of them new faces to us but with no hestitation we introducted ourselves. It is always nice to find other South Africans along the way as it brings a sense of home and security to a new location after many hours of travels.

We choose The Point Hostal to try and stay away from all the noise which was synonmous with the alternative Loki hostal option so that we could spend our days sleeping and chilling on the beach. We were blessed by great weather during our stay and days were long and hot - perfect conditions to attempt to restore our bodies to their Brazil bronze state (haha, I mean Brazil off-white state).

The main attactions of Mancora are the great surfing and local foods and we managed to soak up both. Wilson and I picked up surfing like professionals on long boards (Tim we should have taken that long board in Brazil rather than attempting to learn on a short board - it was much easier). Some of the other great finds for Mancora was the 'Bread Lady' and Cabiche. The 'Bread Lady' roamed the beaches serving warm breadrolls with a hot cheesy filling of sorts. Our favourite ones were the cheese, tomato and bazil; cheese, red onion and olive; and our desert roll was always banana and chocolate sauce...yumm, I am getting hungry just thinking of them. Cabiche is a Peruvian delicacy of raw fish marinaded in lime juice and local peppers, unfortunately I only tried this on my last day in Peru so it was my first on only taste of Cabiche.

We now move off to Ecuador to try and conquer to Galapagos and for me hopefully the Amazon to.


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