On the Road Again June 2010  travel blog

Kidnapper threating to throw FRD off roof

FRD tied to railroad tracks

Vicky Screams that she will pay the ransom

Vicky Pays Ransom and gets FRD back

OMG!!!! We almost lost FRD. We left him in a bar in Harper's Ferry, WV and he was kidnapped by a Thug seeking ransom money. We got emails demanding $499.95 or else. We found out the "else" meant he would be dropped from the roof a three story house and for a little guy, that was definitely a death sentence. We talked the Thug out of that "else" by promising to pay the ransom. We thought that we could work with the police to find our beloved FRD. Unfortunately they were all eating doughnuts and drinking coffee and didn't want to be bothered. As luck would have it, the Thug said he would relinquish FRD if we met him at the railroad tracks with the money. When we got there, we found out that "else" also meant being tied to the tracks and waiting for the next train to flattened the already Flat Rev Don. We got there just in time as a train was chugging down the tracks when Vicky paid the ransom and got FRD. We immediately put him back in the glove compartment where he would be safe and stay out of trouble. Meanwhile we packed and fled to Vermont where we are in hiding in case the Thug followed us. Pray for us! Hopefully we will get some sleep tonight. On a happier note some of Kristin's wedding pictures are on line at www. Victorsmith.com. If you are interested, go to the website, click on wedding find Kristin Dennison and click on her picture.

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