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We enjoyed the cool early morning temperatures this morning, as we sat outdoors beside the campfire, with our coffee.

Marilyn wore a hooded sweatshirt with the hood up around her head, while I wore jeans and a sweatshirt.

A deer wandered by as we sat by the fire this morning. She stared at us for awhile, obviously trying to decide if she should ask for a cup of coffee. I guess she decided against the coffee as she wandered off, down the gravel road, toward the cabins.

Once the fire died down, we went back inside.

After changing clothing, Marilyn went for her morning walk.

I stayed home this morning, choosing to enjoy the day by doing a couple of chores.

Marilyn fixed some “Sloppy Joe’s” for our lunch, and we watched some golf on TV.

Marilyn cleaned the kitchen while I made the bed and straightened things up in the bedroom.

Both of us took showers and put on some clean clothing, then walked to the office to call Jennifer.

Back at the RV, with the A/C turned on, we watched some TV and read our books.

This constant relaxation is sure tough but I suppose someone has to do the job. LOL

We haven’t moved off the resort for several days now. We talked about going into town for lunch but decided against it.

I need to wash the truck and may do that tomorrow. We’ll see.

No reason to become desperate for activity, is there?

If you need a place to relax in beautiful weather, this may be just what you need.

However, due to a lack of activity for me today, I must wrap this up. Maybe tomorrow, we’ll have more interesting things to write about.

Life is Good!

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