Huge Uncle Sam in Lake George, N.Y.

Lake George Village

Lake George

Boat rentals and cruises

Dinner Cruises

Minne Ha - Ha


Lake George is known as the Queen Of American Lakes

Great unusual shopping



We had a great lunch at Ali Baba's

We were shocked at the size of the bread they served

It was full of air and popped down to normal size... delicious!

A beautiful park near the Restaurant

Fountain in the park

After the park we drove to Prospect Mountain Lake George Overlook

A view of Lake George from Prospect Mountain Overlook

Another view

Are we having fun yet? :-)

Another view


Incredible miles away zoomed view...using my new camera, a gift from our...

Another zoom showing Million Dollar Beach

Jerry checking our a chipmunk :-)

Last one!

We had a fabulous day visiting the village of Lake George, New York. Lake George is the name of both a village and a lake, located in the scenic Adirondack Mountains region in the northern part of the state. The village of Lake George sits at the southern end of the 32-mile-long lake. After we had lunch we drove a few miles to Prospect Mountain. The drive up has three pull-overs with spectular views. Once you get near the top, a van takes you the rest of the way and returns every ten minutes for pick up. The cost was only $8 per car.

It was a wonderful drive with views of Lake George and much more. Our guide pointed out all the states you can see from one area. Vermont's Green Mountains, New Hampshire's White Mountains, New York's Adirondack High Peaks and, on a very clear day, the Laurentians of Canada. It was amazing to see the lake we just visited from such a distance. It was an incredible trip and we enjoyed it much. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

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