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Sleeping with the windows open is wonderful! The temperature is cool, the humidity is nearly non-existent, there is usually a gentle breeze, and it is very quiet at night.

Early in the morning, in fact it was about 3:00 AM, I was awakened by a strong, cool breeze, passing over my head.

We have a window on each side of the bed, right next to our heads, which makes it nice to get a breeze, if there is one to be had.

I love the feel of fresh air so I simply pulled the covers up, until I had nearly covered my head. Then I found it too warm and couldn’t take that for long, so I uncovered my head and about that time another strong breeze or gust of wind would blow through, starting the process all over again.

I finally fell back to sleep and slept until Marilyn woke me at 6:30.

She informed me, perhaps with a bit of sarcasm in her voice, that I was an hour late in getting up. Bummer!

We were soon out of bed, dressed and sitting outdoors with a cup of hot coffee. We did not start a fire this morning due to the strong wind blowing.

We use an artificial creamer in our coffee and it was funny to watch the wind blow the creamer out of the spoon as we added creamer to the coffee.

Once the coffee was gone, I went inside to shave. I also made the bed, fixed a bowl of cereal, prepared our liquid vitamins mixed with orange juice, and then announced myself ready for our morning walk.

We took off, walking the scenic route, taking a dirt trail beginning at the back side of the campground, and then the two-lane, blacktop highway back around to the entrance of the resort.

I walked only 1 ½ miles but Marilyn continued for another mile plus some, giving her nearly 3 miles for the hike.

I used the phone in the office to make a reservation for the Sunday Brunch at the Broadmoor, on the Sunday when our long time friends, Dennis & Sonja leave here. They are spending a week here in one of the rental cabins, and we will sure enjoy their company.

We will share that special meal together before they get on the road, heading back to Missouri.

We have several adventures planned while they are here, which I will be writing about as they happen.

Marilyn fixed a Jambalaya in the slow cooker today and it smells really good, as I write this.

The strong wind continued for most of the day today, shaking the RV from time to time, as a strong gust hit us broadside.

The breeze blew hard enough to tip over the “Pony-Tailed Palm” Marilyn is so proud of.

We watched some of the U.S. Open golf tourney, from Pebble Beach. At least I did. Marilyn sat outdoors, reading, for as long as she could take the wind.

We want to take just one line to wish our friends, Trent & Teresa, a very Happy 27th anniversary. What a nice young couple they are.

As for us, well we have had another quiet, peaceful, enjoyable, relaxing day.

We feel blessed and we are always aware that…….Life is Good!

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