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the attack took place in the Canadian Grizzly Bear compound

there were families about - and children that would have made a...

but the bear had other ideas

he jumped in the water - but what was he stalking?

he paused for a moment - sizing up the distance

his unwary prey floated closer . .

and the bear attacked!

the victim struggled

it tried to get away

but the bear persisted

he tried to get his teeth into it but it was hard...

he tried holding it under water

that worked for a moment - but the thing kept squirming out...

the ball was escaping!

the bear hugged it and put his whole weight on it

trying to drown it and it almost worked . .

but then he got water in his eyes!

the bear yelled for help - 'I can't see!'

'it's getting away and I can't see!'

he yelled for the other bear - but it never came back

he tried to hang on

but it was no use

the dang thing got away again!

the struggle continued for a while

with the bear winning some rounds

and his prey winning others

the bear was wearing down

he was getting tired - and his eyes were stinging

but the damn ball was as perky as ever!

this thing had no teeth - no claws - he couldn't let...

but it was definitely time for another approach

maybe he should negotiate

yeah - that was it

hey buddy - let's make friends and call it a day

there's a lesson to be learned here - and the lesson is...

if you're ever attacked by a grizzly bear - roll yourself up...

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a fierce struggle

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the struggle continues

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no quarter

(MP4 - 1.22 MB)

the bear is tiring

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the contest ends in a draw

Warning: The pictures on this page are violent and graphic!

Our visit to the Toronto Zoo showed us that the zoo has a dark side. Animals are given the opportunity to behave as they normally would in the wild - and some of them abuse that privilege.

In this case the offender was a large grizzly bear that attacked without warning. If violence makes you squeamish - we urge you to look at these pictures anyway. It isn't every day we get to witness a bear mauling as it's taking place.

In this attack the victim survived. We can learn from that - and know what to do if someday we are attacked.

Our Trip Journal brings you this information as a Public Service.

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