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Day 18: CSR :- Windich Springs to Well 15 249.1 kms

Wildlife: bustards, kangaroos, 6 emus, hawks, 1 camel,

Terrible night – windy, tent flapped, stupid dreams. Up at 6:15 to see a magnificent sunrise – deep reds and golds. Talked to our Sabbath School class – they are all CLEAN!!! So nice to hear their voices. Well 4B: ruins, just a drum with the name on it, broken timbers, tin CSR sign. Obvious when a well is coming up by the cattle paths worn in the rocky ground – they head straight for the well. All there is to see at the moment is flat red plains, Spinifex and dead trees. No wildlife. Drizzling. 100% cloud cover. Not a cheerful day. Well 5: 32 m deep – deepest well on the CSR, restored, stainless steel bucket, blokes enjoyed winding the bucket down to draw water – it is a tea colour, number 5 punched into a piece of rusty old tin. Finally saw some kangaroos. Lots of washouts. Found someone else’s flag up a tree. (all vehicles must have a tall pole with a flag on the top to warn approaching cars on the single lane track – especially when going over dunes). Track has now become so narrow that the trees are knocking the mirrors in. Some really old beautiful gnarly trees. Pierre Springs (Well 6): would be a fantastic place to camp (except for smelly eco toilet) huge white gums, brown sandy soil, restored well, nice tasting water. Warning on road about the dangers of travelling this section! Now on a deep red sandy track. Lots of Red Mulga trees. Still a long and winding road. Now red clay – no undergrowth just short trees. Well 7: 21m deep, timber framing has collapsed making it dangerous. Rain has stopped so everything is dusty again. Well 8: 18m deep, old timbers, boys dropped stones down, sounds like a muddy bottom. Muddy washed-out corrugated road. Very skinny cows – not surprised, there’s nothing to eat. So many unmarked tracks – some times hard to know which way to go. A multitudiness number of termite mounds on almost every plant – this plain will be treeless in a few years. Incredibly rough road before Well 9. Beautiful hawk on dead branch – flew off before I could get a photo. So many photos just passing me by! Well 9: Weld Springs,4m deep, ruins, new mindmill & tank & stockyards nearby, more skinny cattle, very large dead goanna. John Forest’s fort remains nearby built to defend hi party of explorers and surveyors from an Aboriginal attack – very small fort, they maust have been quite crowded. Well 10: 21m deep, ruins. Easy going over sand dunes at the moment. Over sand dunes so quiet, over corrugations can’t hear ourselves for the clatter. Well 11: 2.4m deep, Goodwin Soak – a favourite Aboriginal waterhole, old timber post blazed with an arrow pointing to well, very desolate spot, had lunch here – towel tablecloth on troopie bonnet; how civilised are we?! Very rocky road afterward – just crawling through. Dust all through vehicles, especially troopie. Maps marked with lakes but they are just saltpans, eg., Lake White & Lake Aerodrome. Landscape is much prettier with a greater variety of trees and plants. Incessant wind. Lake Aerodrome large expanse of saltpan surrounded by low saltbushes, we all walked out onto it, salt crust cracked easily revealing mud underneath. Very black sky to the south but still blue to the north, spectacular clouds. Someone singing ‘I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day.” First difficult sand dune – had to go into 4WD after a few attempts to cross – easy peasy after that. Just passed 2 vehicles who are taking 40 days to do the Canning!!!! Our planned 11 is looking a little tight. Well 12: restored, 7.6m, I actually prefer the ambience and history of the unrestored wells with their beautiful old timbers. Back to rocky road unfortunately – can hardly read the writing in my diary, the pen bounced all over the page! No one drinking enough – water from Wiluna tastes awful. Burnt out jeep. Wonder what the story is? Well 13: 7.6m, was our planned camping spot but no water so others want to go on to Well 15. Great clouds. Driving like crazy to beat the sunset. Well 14: ruin, 15.5m, flat tyre on landcruiser, while bush mechanics fixed it i meandered through the Spinifex up to the top of a sandhill – such disgusting prickly stuff, especially if it gets in your knickers, great 360 degree view. Despite our rush to camp boys still stop to inspect a burnt out trailer and surmise over what happened to it – they all just look wrecked to me. Well 15: 6.7m, nearly dark, I feel like just sitting in the car – totally unmotivated to unpack and cook. Reg rigged up a shower under a gum tree and filled it with water from the well and the blokes had swift showers. Way too exposed and cold for me – I had a sponge bath in my tent. Peter tied ropes to our tent and it was in a sheltered spot so, despite the wind, we had a quieter night and therefore a much better sleep. Love, Carol

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