The Travels of the Mentz Family 2005-2006 travel blog

... and so the trip winds up in a few days. On Saturday, June 9th we board a "German Wings" aircraft for Cologne, Germany. We've rented a car to drive to Frankfurt where we'll overnight. Then we board an Air Canada flight for Calgary in the early morning, change planes almost ten hours later and hop the last leg to Edmonton arriving at 6:00 PM.

So many planes, trains, automobiles ... ferries, buses, metros, bikes, elephants, camels, "cyclos", carriages, "tuk-tuks" ... and, best of all, our own feet.

We'll see many of you before the end of June as we get over our jet lag and settle in to a week at Gramma's before moving back into our place on June 15th.

Life is good ....

Oh yes, we have a couple of months extension on our website to do some work (The "Lonely Planet" people used us as a feature site and so extended our subscription.) so that's when the final pictures will be added. If anyone wants to check back in late June, I'll have everything finished by then. Apparently it'll be available for viewing for three years afterwards as well. Pretty amazing!!

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