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Ft. McHenry

In the dungeon they go

Cute little Baltimore Oriole--we think--right Ang?

Sammy was in history heaven







Hello everyone! We had a great trip to Fort McHenry today. Wow, so much to learn. The Battle of Baltimore would have only been remembered as one of a few American victories in the war of 1812 if it were not for Francis Scott Key! He was so moved after seeing the smoke/haze clear during the early morning after about 25 hours of bombardment, to see our flag was raised and the British ships defeated and sailing away. He began to jot down his feelings in the form of a poem that later became the Star-Spangled Banner and our national anthem in 1931. Sam was in history heaven today. Jack enjoyed it but was ready to go far earlier than Sam. Sam wanted to go through every door that was open and read everything he could. He even pulled off a peice of fuzz that was part of the original linens that the soldiers slept on because he wanted to take it home and put it in his box of treasures. Too cute.

We then ventured back to Little Italy because the food is so good there. Ate at Isabella's and then went for a swim in the hotel's indoor pool. It is hot here, but it isn't miserable. It was mid-80s for the most part, and will be cooler tomorrow. Uncle Hartley picked up the boys at 2:30 today so they could hang with the cousins while I attend my conference. I think Kelly is going to surprise them with a theme park visit on Thursday.

Thanks for all of your emails---it's been fun! Unless Kelly sends pics, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post over the next 3 days. Bye for now!

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