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The Mekong Delta is a huge 'Amazonian' like network of rivers and waterways that is used as a means of getting around and is a source of income for millions of Vietnamese. The water level fluctuates by a number of metres depending on the season and in order to be as close as possible to the water the many houses that sit on the banks of the river are all on stilts. I went on a boat trip along the Mekong delta, stopping at various places along the way. We stopped on coconut island and visited a small coconut processing factory and saw how it was used to make sweets. We also stopped at a small scale rice noodle factory. We stopped at another small island and were given a 'Venice' style tour of the village on the island through the small channels that run through the island. This was really pleasant, but marred slightly by the fact that every single local person we passed just simply said 'you give tip, you give money'. We visited a huge floating wholesale market where farmers load their boats with their stock and congregate at a certain point on the river and traders turn up in their boats and buy what they need to take back along the river to their business. We also visited a crocodile farm and a floating fish farm which is where the water underneath a floating house is used to farm various types of fish. They have tens of thousands of fish swimming under their floorboards. We stayed overnight in My Tho and Chau Doc. From here I took a boat along the river and into Cambodia. It took longer this way but was so much better than sitting on a bus. It was great slowly floating down the river and seeing the lives of the people who live on the river.

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