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After a great nights sleep, we woke up fairly bright eyed and bushy tailed...well, as good as could be expected at 5:15 am. And we woke up to cold! +10 C is way too cold and is something we are no longer used to. Brrrrrrrrrr But not willing to suck it up, I put my capris and t-shirt on but had to resort to also putting on a hoodie. I think even the dogs were cold.

Our journey took us to Minot, ND and then to Portal where the US/Canada border is. We expected to have our camper and belongings searched at customs but the guy checked out our passports, asked a few questions and sent us on our merry little way. We were through in mere minutes yet we had alotted an hour stop in our travel plans. Let's just say we didn't complain one bit and headed on our way up to Estevan, Weyburn, Regina and when we got just past Dundurn and almost to Saskatoon, we blew a tire on the camper.

Afraid to stay parked on the side of the highway, Rhonda backed up into an approach that looked like it was rarely used and we got out to change the tire. About half way through, 2 vehicles pulled up behind us and one guy jumped out to say "your in our way, we can't get through." No shit, Sherlock! Rhonda already had the trailer jacked up and we were in no position to take it down and move. She told him what was what and that they'd have to wait a few minutes. He asked if we needed help, but she had it under control so we said no. They sat and waited for a few minutes before the guy came out again to lecture us about how we shouldn't have pulled onto an approach, how next time we should think about the fact that maybe others want to get out, that the place wasn't his but what if the owners wanted to get into their yard and on and on and on. I apologized, he complained a bit more and went back in his truck to wait while we scrambled to hurry so we could be out of the way. Needless to say, the tire was changed in record time and we were back on route in no time.

Once in Saskatoon, we easily found our campground and set up for our 2 night stay here. We showered, had a bite to eat and played with the dogs while we waited for Leah who was coming to visit us. Once she arrived, we chatted and I ended up raiding the rubbermaids to show her all of the stuff we have for the wedding. It wasn't too long of a visit, but I think she knew we were tired. It was still nice to see her. :)

Our schedule for tomorrow is full. We have to get a new spare tire, get the oil changed in the truck, get the marriage license, buy some groceries, phone the Forestry Farm and possibly go there to pay for the 100 extra chairs we booked, check out the kennel we'll be bringing the dogs to next week, meet up with the marriage commissioner at 3, meet up with our photographer at 5 to get engagement photos done and then we're meeting Leah for a late supper. It's a jam packed day but the thing I'm really looking forward to is sleeping in past any time that starts with a 4 or a 5!!!


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