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Sleeping in until 6:30 this morning, was a bit of a rare treat for me. I know! You don’t need to tell me how crazy I am. LOL

Marilyn & I shared our morning coffee indoors because of the lingering light rain outdoors.

Once the coffee was finished I decided to fix pancakes for breakfast. I used two eggs, pure vanilla and some cinnamon to flavor the pancakes. I like to use a thin batter because I don’t like the thick, cake-like, pancakes. You can never get enough syrup on those. We had some pure maple syrup to go on the pancakes and we ate every last crumb. They were yummy!

After breakfast, Marilyn cleaned up the kitchen and living room while I took care of the bedroom.

Then it was time for our morning walk. We were a bit wary of the rain sprinkles but continued with confidence, and walked a total of two miles.

I tried to call my cousin and our daughter but had no service, even a mile away from the resort. Bummer!

Back at the resort, we called Joyce on the office phone, and left a message, then called Jennifer and spoke to her for a few minutes.

I played a round of golf on the Wii system, and we had some company for awhile.

Jim & his wife were here. They are interested in the Mobile Suites and curious about the full-timer lifestyle.

Jim worked at the Rocky Flats nuclear facility, and they live in their home near Denver.

We gave them our card and also gave them the RV-dreams website, suggesting that it is the finest resource for wannabe’s out there.

We sat quietly in the later afternoon, watching the Iron Man triathlon on TV.

By the time that was over, the clouds were mostly gone and the sun was shining brightly.

We had the windows open and enjoyed the nearly perfect weather.

Back in our younger years, Marilyn & I backpacked the Grand Canyon three times. It was such a profound experience for us that I documented the experience by writing a short story about it.

I have been asked to put that story in our journal, but the story was nearly lost when the computer crashed. Luckily I had a hard copy which had been printed out for a family history I have been writing.

Marilyn typed it back into the computer for me yesterday, so I will make that story our journal entry for tomorrow.

I have another flying story to share with you also, but will save it for a later date.

In any case, this has been another wonderful day here in the mountains of Colorado.

Life is Good!

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