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Drumcliffe Monastary

Grave of WB Yeats the Famous Poet








Peat being harvested to burn

Peat drying in the sun




Kylemore Abbey (old castle)

Just a cute little car



Great Irish Pub in Spiddle near the place we had dinner

Informal gathering of locals playing GREAT Irish music at An Tobar pub

Four Winds B&B in Salthill - Our home for Sunday night



Well…slept in a little today. The night before we told the Innkeeper, Liam, that we’d be ready for breakfast at 8:15, and we woke up at almost 8:00. Needless to say we got ready in a hurry.

After breakfast we headed south from Donegal toward Sligo, eventually making our way down to Westport. This portion of the ride was OK but nothing special. And, after spending Friday in Dublin and Saturday driving across the middle of the country, we were dying for some good scenery.

Well…as soon as we left Westport going south toward Clifden…we had some scenery all right, what a treat! You can see from some of the pictures that the mountains and the coastline were quite a sight!

Now the roads here are quite interesting. It looks like they built a one lane road and then just added a white line down the middle and called it a two lane road! And…almost all of them are posted at 100 kmh! We could only maintain 80 at the most and in many places, 50 or less.

By having such I high speed limit they have pretty much eliminated the need for police cars…no one can go that fast anyway! Instead they’ve invested their money in ambulances! And with these roads…we saw lots of them!

Midday we called ahead and made reservations at the Four Winds B&B in Salthill, on the coast just outside of Galway. After that we were really able to relax and just enjoy the drive.

We stopped for dinner in Spiddle and found a pub where some of the locals had gathered to play some traditional Irish music. What a great time! We ordered a Guinness and sat down to enjoy the music before dinner. The place was very lively and a young girl was dancing to the music, just having a really good time.

We got to the B&B around 7:30, unpacked the car, and took a great walk along the ocean almost all the way to Galway. We didn’t get back to the B&B until around 10:00 and it was still light! Yes…it gets light here around 4:30 in the morning and it doesn’t get dark until almost 10:30!

Tomorrow we plan to continue down the coast south of Galway, maybe to Killarney, but not sure yet. Anyway, it’s after 11 now and time to get some rest. What a fantastic day this was!

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