Hi-ho Hi-ho it's to Alaska I go! travel blog

Flight VA 11 departing 8.45pm. Direct Flight to LA, 14hours.

Hey everyone! My flight was uneventful, apart from quite a lot of turbulance. I arrived late into LAX, panicking that I'd miss my connecting flight. I tried to push my way through but had to go through 3 checkpoints. Then I had to run 10 minutes to the terminal, and upon arriving, beads of sweat pouring down my back (mind you I had a 16kg backpack on) just as they were closing check-in. Another 5 minute walk and I was straight on the next plane. PHEW! Only an hour later and I'd finally arrived in San Fran. It was 9.45 pm and a balmy 18 degrees. Making it out to my pick up - I was then kept waiting almost an hour! So much for my planning and pre-booking. The guy whom showed up was disgruntled that I was the only passenger and that I had pre-paid so he made me wait another 30 minutes and drove to various terminals to collect other people (tout). Anywho - being extremely greatful that I finally made it to The Sheraton Fishermans Wharf, my 5 star hotel treat prior to roughing it in Alaska, I was told that the hotel was overbooked and that they couldn't find my reservation - the one I made and paid for in February! I wasn't about to let it go. To cut a loooong story short they arranged a driver and a new hotel. I was taken to The Westin St.Francis - OOOOh luxury AND they were paying!!! I was also offered a refund - I love free stuff :) The next challenge was to find a way to let home know I had arrived safe, out comes the trusty Iphone - No service. Hmmm OK off to starbucks for free internet - it was down. OK Hotel internet - $15 a pop, but I couldn't get it to work. Last resort the room telephone at $5 a mintute plus service tax plus tourist tax blah blah. I'll not explain how being jetlagged, tired and a little irritable I was, needless to say, thanks mum for sorting out Vodafone. I ate and flopped into bed exhausted. Ahh a nice bed soft bed, fluffy pillows, clean perfumed sheets. I closed my eyes and.... COULD NOT get to sleep. Bugger....

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