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Adam's Homestay



Turtle Sanctuary


now, that's better...adam's homestay, a lovely place owned by a european couple...ans you notice the difference: everything is that bit more cleaner, a bit more effort in decoration and food that tastes like home...homemade bread, homemade jam and homemade muesli...sometimes all you need to be happy!

did a surfing-lesson after relaxing by the pool for a while...i think that would be more my thing, even though i wasn't very good and the board hit my head :-D

countryside tour was planned for the next day (12 euro!!!)...went to see a waterfall with a cave, turtle sanctuary, shark point, endless rice-paddies and villages with friendly people for a change ;-) just this day was worth coming to java...and the tan u get on a motorbike: AWESOME!

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