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The roads in Saigon were as chaotic as Hanoi but the city itself felt slightly less chaotic. It had a more western feel to it. I visited the nearby Cu Chi tunnels which is the vast tunnel network used by the Viet Cong during the America/Vietnam war. The short stretch of tunnel that I crawled through had been enlarged for tourists and it was still very low and cramped. At the tunnels I saw examples of some of the traps the Viet Cong used. They looked pretty horrific. I also visited the war remnants museum which was really interesting but was pretty disturbing too. The museum was predominantly photographs and it painted a picture of a pointless and ruthless act of aggression by America against Vietnam leading to millions of deaths and suffering that continues today. There was a whole section showing that there are still children being born today with severe disabilities and deformities because of America's use of Agent Orange and other chemical weapons that were all banned under UN laws. Whilst at the tunnels I fired off a few rounds of an AK47. It was so unbelievably loud but great fun. Back in Saigon we stayed up to watch England's pretty poor world cup performance in their opening game against USA.

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