One of many 8' tall fiberglass boots, around town.

complete with spurs

see how tall they are...

Oh and there are artworks too.

About the horse.

another boot.


The rail station, in front of which we caught . . .

The trolley for a 2 hour ride and a history lesson about...


The "old" Governors Mansion, tours are free, very humble and nice.

many famous people have sat here while visiting the Wy capitol.

a modern kitchen, for 1943, anyway

the receiving room,

the outside view, horse and carriage barn are outback.

The Territorial museum in Laramie, it's near the I-80 turnoff for the...

5 X 6 X 8 cells and they're cold

Butch Cassidy spent some time here for theivery.

the main industry for the prison was broom making.

broom stalks from Nebraska

"Prisoner" showing us how they make brooms.

Other industries included candles, tables with hand carvings, and brick making.

One of the first things we have learned to do upon arriving in any city or town is to take the trolley tour. We found the trolley in Cheyenne to be a delight.

One day we took a "day trip" to Laramie to see the little university town and to visit the "Territorial Prison" museum.

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