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One of many little white churches

Queen Anne's Lace near the church

By of Fundy view

Lupine along the bay

Tynsmouth Bridge

Bridge close-up

Lobster boats

Another church

Magnificent house built by ship carpenters

Ship carpenter house, one of several in this town from when the...

Ship carpenter house now an inn

Bridge across a river's mouth

Bay view

Yellow birch, the province's tree

Headland on the Bay of Fundy

Bridge and suspension bridge across the Salmon River, Fundy National Park

Dave crossing the suspension bridge

Together by the Salmon River, Fundy National Park

Rocky beach wher we lunched on seafood chowder

Bridge 1 from bridge 2

Bridge 2

Another magnificent mansion

Tidal area, Bay of Fundy

Rock outcropping, Bay of Fundy

We had a great start to our morning with a visit to Tim Horton's. For those of you who don't know, Tim Horton's is a restaurant chain somwwhat of a cross between McDonald's and Starbuck's with fewer kids and more goodies. They are very popular here in Canada and both the drive up and counter lines are almost always very long, especially in the morning. I have seen them in the states occasionally as well as in Canada, but I had never tried one before. For a quick breakfast, I am sold. I had yoghurt that came with real fruit on it, an apple fritter for my sweet tooth and tea. When I ordered my tea, I was asked china? or paper?, and what would you like in it?. I said milk and received the most perfectly brewed cup of tea with just the right amount of milk in it. NO teabag! Unbelieveable!

Blue skies were with us all day as we drove the scenic route along the Bay of Fundy to Sackville. We passed through forest and rolling farmland and along cliffs over looking the bay. Our route took us through numerous little villages and Fundy National Park which had lots of paths and trails and overlooks which we explored along the way. I took a multitude of pictures of seascapes, white churches, covered bridges and sea captains' mansions, so I shall be selecting pictures half the night. Of course, I missed the best shot, a herd of holsteins standing in a field yellow with buttercups backed by forest on one side and the bay on the other. There wasn't any place to pull off the road. Darn!

The roadsides have had profuse stands of lupine and sweet rocket all along with some daisies and Queen Anne's Lace, but just today the buttercups popped into the mix, turning the fields yellow.

Today we traveled through a bit of Acadia, where French is the heritage, and when I bought some batteries at a locl hardwhere store, the clerk spoke to me in French first. She told me that she speaks French about 75% of the time. Tomorrow we cross into Nova Scotia

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