Our Trip Home for the Wedding travel blog

Well, one more sleep and we're ready to hit the road. 7 am is the goal for us to be out of the house and on the road. Depending on how excited we are, and if we can sleep, we may be up earlier than that.

Most everything is done so instead of pacing the floor all evening, we've invited Dani & Zac to come over to keep us company. All of the wedding supplies still need to be packed into the back of the truck, but that shouldn't take too long to do. They are all in rubbermaid containers, waiting for their spot for the trip.

We hear there is no sunshine and lots of rain at home, which we are not looking forward to. So my plan is to tie a peice of the Texas sunshine to the back of the camper and bring it home with us. I hope it works!!

Well, I'll update you about day 1, tomorrow! Until then, have a good one and see ya'll in Canada. (can I still say ya'll in Canada?)


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