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Being us and therefore totally illogical we decided that, in the interests of coming home nice and brown we would head 40 hours up the coast of Peru for one last week of tanning//partying. Mancora is a small town on the beach where lots of Gringos go to surf and relax- the Loki hostel here is gorgeous, more like a hotel with a huuuge pool and lots of sun loungers. We managed to arrive in time to celebrate my 19th birthday at midnight, which we did in style, dressed as plants (don´t ask) and dancing on the bar. Mum and DAd gave us some money to eat somewhere special which was such a treat, we splashed out having starters, mains, a bottle of wine, amaazing brownies and it still came to less than your average meal out in England! Have met lots of lovely people here, particularly the two boys sharing our room who put up with the most extraordinary mess of clothes, makeup etc that you can imagine! And all of my trekking group from Machu Picchu has arrived which is sooo exciting.

The football started today and it is as big a deal here as anywhere. As I write the hostel has split completely along gender lines, the girls all manning the pool area and the boys setting up camp in the bar for the forseeable future. Should be quite a lot of rivalry for the England game tomorrow.

Anyway there is fairly little to report as time is spent mostly on the beach chilling, and I am home in 5 days! Can´t believe five months could ever go so quickly, I have had the most incredible and varied time of my life but I am so looking forward to coming home and seeing you all.

Lots and lots of love and see you soon

Han x

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