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What a great night of sleep last night! With the windows open and a light breeze blowing in the window, it was a wonderful night to sleep. The temperature fell to about 60 degrees last night and the campground is very quiet at night, which makes for great sleeping.

I awoke at 5:30 and came downstairs to check e-mails and the blogs of friends. I am a creature of habit, I know. Sigh………..

Marilyn came down and put the coffee on and then turned on the TV to check the news.

The end result of the two of us being on the computer and watching TV, was that we did not sit around a campfire this morning. That was a bummer and it is our own fault.

Sipping our morning coffee around the campfire, in the early morning stillness, is one of the most enjoyable parts of our day.

I suspect that we’ll be back to normal tomorrow.

We went for a walk of 2 ½ miles this morning and it was beginning to get pretty warm by the time we returned to the RV.

I made some adjustments to the tri-pod stabilizer, played one round of golf on the Wii, (I missed my golfing buddy, Jim), and then went inside to clean the air filters inside the RV.

After a bite of lunch, Marilyn went outdoors to sit in the shade and read her book.

While she did that, I connected the two new short water hoses we bought, to the dual filter system we built last year.

We thawed some fish to grill today, along with some Portobello mushrooms we bought yesterday. Marilyn fixed a vegetable salad to go along with those items for our dinner.

We heard from our friends, Bob & Lynda, who are staying at a nice place in Howard, Colorado. They will be here for a short visit on Tuesday and we’ll all go to lunch together on that day. It will be nice to see these good friends again.

We have plans for lunch with Dennis & Janet tomorrow. I’ll be writing about that tomorrow evening, so stay tuned.

That is about it for today. We’ve done a few chores and had some fun, but mostly we are just relaxing, and we are loving it!

That is a sure sign for us that……………..Life is Good!

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