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Left Hervey Bay around 9:25am and proceeded to latch onto a caravan in the distance. We traveled behind this caravan in convoy thinking great everything going smoothly, thinking Trevor, Carol & Gracie were upfront. We followed this caravan from just outside of Hervey Bay to near Howard (20 minutes) where upon we discovered to our surprise the car and caravan where not the Watson’s. We thought to ourselves out loud, O gee we are all lost, we are all lost. Anyhow upon once traveling North on the Bruce Highway we soon made contact with the Watson’s via the good reliable mobile as the UHF was out of range. This then resulted in the Connelly’s & Watson’s forming a convoy!!!!!

After an uneventful drive we arrived at our first stay over Biloela. Biloela is like Paris Hilton famous for nothing…..

Gracie (the dog) we thought at one stage was going to deliver us fresh meat as in the pitch black of night she caught sight of a cow and wanted it. Trevor took her closer to the cow and Gracie wanted to bolt, scared as a pussy cat. Happy Hour came and went celebrating with tea, coffee, coke, cheese and biscuits. We hit the sack nice and early and were on the road by 9am Thursday 10/06.

From experience, it is obvious that a GPS is not all that reliable outside of the large cities as it tends to want to send you along non existent roads and for 200 klm’s it continuing requesting that we do a u-turn even though we knew we were heading in the right direction.

Arrived safely in Emerald, set up camp and had a nice barbie and am now looking for sleepies, once I finish this entry. You will have to wait for photos as I have to upload them.

We are off to the make a fortune tomorrow panning for gems!!!!!

11/06 Pictures added

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