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Spending a day in the company of friends is a fine way to spend a day.

Marilyn & I were outdoors early this morning, sitting beside the campfire, drinking our morning coffee.

Once we were finished with the coffee, Marilyn went indoors and fixed bacon, eggs and toast, which we ate outdoors at the fire.

So far this day was going just great!

It only got better as the day went on because Dennis and Janet dropped by, visited for awhile and then we all went for a two-mile hike. That felt good and I suspect that we will stretch that out to 2 and ½ miles next time.

Back at the campsite we sat and visited with these new friends for awhile, making plans for lunch out on Friday.

Marilyn & I went inside to get our showers and dress for a lunch with other good friends, Jim & Ellie.

We first met Jim & Ellie at the RV-Dreams rally in Branson, MO, in June, 2008.

We read each others blogs so we manage to keep up with the adventures taking place in each of our lives.

We drove to the Safeway parking lot to meet Jim & Ellie.

We saw them waving as we drove in, and we were soon exchanging hugs in greeting each other.

We rode with Jim & Ellie, as they lived here for many years, and they took us to a place called “Jose Muldoon’s” for some good Mexican food.

The laughter and animated conversation continued way past the time the meal ended.

I think we finally felt guilty for sitting there so long although they weren’t busy, and we finally left when we realized that our time on the parking meter has surely expired.

We lucked out as the expired meter had not resulted in a ticket, and we were off to see many places of interest as Jim & Ellie gave us a very nice tour.

We saw historical places as well as homes lived in by Ellie and some of her family.

We also were shown places where they worked and places where relatives lived and worked.

By the time we arrived back at the Safeway parking lot, it was getting late.

All four of us walked through the grocery store and said goodbye once more before parting company.

We were back at the RV right at 6:00 PM.

We changed into comfy clothing and Marilyn popped some popcorn for our dinner.

We had a wonderful day today. It was so nice to see good friends, and we sure look forward to getting together with Jim & Ellie down the road somewhere.

Tomorrow we plan to stay here at the resort and maybe get a few things done.

Remember………….Life is Good!

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