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Hello mates!

Me and sage and my husband devon have been doing a bit of exploring together. A lil last adventure before Devo has to leave us and return to you! We spent like 6 + 3 hours, thats 9 altogether, on the buses to get to this paradise peninsula but it was way worth it. Our original plan was to travel as far south as we could because so far we have only been going around the northern half of the country. We could not let a whole half of Belize go unexplored! So we took a trip south, destined for a small and so called boring town called punta gorda, or PG! We havent made it there though, and this mawning we decided we prolly wont even try! cause devo only has about 6 days before he has got to go and its so fucking chill in this beach town that we got sucked into staying 3 nights instead of just one or two. The vibes here are chill and we have met some really sweeet people. Our first night we ran into a late night crack dealer and smoked a lil sample of some of his stuff. (he also sold weed and that was the only stuff he smoked). His name was CJ and he was bored so he helped us knock a few ripe halmonds out of a nearby halmond tree. (did i ever tell you that almonds grow in trees every where here?? well they do, and they are almost in season, but still most of them are green and the almonds inside are very small). but when they are red you can eat the flesh around them and it is almost sweet, but it dries out your mouth. you have to look way up to find them and if Cj wasnt there with his expert aiming and throwing skills i dont think me or devon would have been able to get any of them. We had fun though cracking open the shells to get the li almond inside. pretty good, but its alot of work for a small morsel. They also have grape trees growing on every cawrner and they will be ripe in a month or two. (too bad i will miss them this year). And its mango season. wich means MANGOES are everywhere. everybody has a mongo tree in their yard and you can buy 5 for a dolla in Belize city! WE were just there the other day so that Devon could pick up his long awaited bank card. (he lost it somewhere in guatemala and has been living off our funds for like 2 months!) so it was cool being able to settle the score between us! we even now and he is very happy to have his own money (well what is left of it, as we have both been going on a bit of a shopping spree down here in placencia). So ya its been good, except for the stinging jelly fish in the ocean which hurt like a bitch! sage actually saw one today with his snorkle gear. It was not as big as we imagined and it makes a clicking staticky noise in the water. SCARY!

the ocean is almost too salty for me and it burns my eyes and nose and throat. but its fun being close to it and the breeze coming from the briney water is like no other.

we found a cheap little guesthouse where we are renting a dorm room together and it has the best ocean breeze and a nice porch with hammocks. WE have been cooking our own rice and beens and we brought a stove with us to save money (we are very frugal dontcha know), and last night we splurged and bought some fish from wich devon made a very good stew! A stew we shared with our new bredda Rastine! we actually met this guy on our first night here when we were cooking beans on the beach and debating on whether or not we should illegally try to camp out on the sand and not have to pay money. He and his friend Wayne (who later husled devon out of 5 dolla) told us about the cheap places and showed us a place where we could camp (apparently it is illegal to camp on the beach and people can

try to fine you for hundreds of dollas). So we checked out this place called omar's and it turned out to be a sweet little place for only 15 dolla per person a night and they gave us a deal and charged us only 40 dolla BZ for all three o us!

Its been really great having the stove and so when this guy Rastine showed up trying to sell us some over priced burned cds i was a little sketched out. But he turned out to be a really chill guy who taught us some creole. and so we bought this bob marley belt buckle off him and gave him some fish stew! it was chill. Yesterday me an sage also ran into this ice cream shop with this cool older guy selling REALLY FUCKING GOOD soy icecream. Well i dont know if i would use the word sell because he gave us like 4 sample cups of different flavours for free before we bought something. I had to decide on a flavour quick cause i was worried i wouldnt have any more room left if things kept going the way they were. I took devon there today and he was pumping the old funk, something close to James Brown. He is just a smily guy who like happy people and again he shoved like 3 sample cups down our throats before we decided on a flavour. One of which was Sweet corn ice cream, aparently an accident that turned so right. Its pretty much like creamed corn but frozen and its surprisingly pretty yummy !

Devon spent a few hours hanging out with a local jewelry maker who taught him how to make coconut jewelry and helped him shine up a peice that he had carved! he was chill and fun to talk to .

anyways its been rad. and we think we will skip punta gorda and just go back to what we already know (ie trevors land) i have been thinking about it all the time we have been away from it. the taste of that crystal pure water still lingers on my tongue like a craving for a lover's touch. lol yeah it tastes that good.

So im really excited to go and camp there for a few nights, swim the blue hole and maybe eat a shitload of mangoes! actually we will deff be doing that.

cool well talk to yall later!

love and peace babies

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