Mayberry Sheriff

Andy Griffith Playhouse

Main Street


Opie's Candy Store

Inside Opie's


Floyd's Barber Shop

The new Floyd :-)

Jerry got a nice cut

He got a cool Floyd's Barber Shop hat

Lunch at Snappy Lunch


It was a great lunch for a very low price

Wally's Service

Emmett's Fix-It Shop

Mayberry Five & Dime

Beautiful Sitting Area in Mayberry

Cool Shops

Opie's Candy

Mayberry Cinema

The Courthouse

Our camp site on Opie Taylor Lane :-)

Another view

Mayberry Campground

We are FINALLY free to roam the country and explore. Our home has a one year lease and we are planning to see as much as we can in the next year. We will be heading to Northeast Canada, then crossing the country to Washington State for the winter.

We are presently staying at the Mayberry Campground in the little town of Mount Airy, NC. It is just over the line from Virginia. Mount Airy was the birthplace and childhood home of American actor Andy Griffith, and is widely believed to be the inspiration for the fictional community Mayberry, the setting of The Andy Griffith Show and its sequel, Mayberry RFD.

Several locations and names mentioned in both shows reflect real places and people in or near Mount Airy, including Mount Pilot (nearby Pilot Mountain and the town named for it) and Snappy Lunch, a restaurant which still operates in the city's downtown area and is famous for its pork chop sandwich.

We had lunch at Snappy Lunch and enjoyed it much. Jerry had two North Carolina style hot dogs with chili and I had a burger. The total cost was only $7.45. Jerry got his hair cut at Floyd's Barber Shop, the cost was only $8.00. He also bought a special hat from Floyd's, it was only $5.00. We really expected the town to take advantage and charge really high prices. We were pleasantly surprised at the low cost of everything.

It was a fun place to visit and we highly recommend it to anyone in the area. We are adding a lot of pictures and hope you enjoy.

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